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We offer the best plan to lower your cost With the same quality and crafts

Deliver on time, Save your cost

50% OFF

Discount Rate

Your cost

Market cost

*The above figures are based on our survey of’stop 200 US customers
*The delivery price does not include freight, insurance andother non-processing additional costs

Three working days from order to delivery



  • manufacture and ship products as fast as in 1 day
  • 95% of orders are delivered ahead of schedule


Quality Inspection

  • Inspection centers located in factory clusters
  • 3 times of cross inspections to ensure parts are 100% qualified



  • In-depth cooperation with DHL UPS FEDEX
  • AIR/BOAT shipping Multiple optional shipping methods
  • 2-3days Shipping to Europe and America

Ensured quality

3 Tests

For all shipped products, we have conducted 3 tests,including cross-group testing by the quality inspection center to ensure that it fully meets or exceeds your expectations Among the European and American customers we have served,we have a repurchase level of 99%

Pay after delivery

For customers who comply with the “pay after delivery” policy,we offer “pay after delivery” service For different users, we will comprehensively evaluate our acceptable credit exposure

The top 10% Factories

We have demanding requirements that only the top 10% factories can become our partners

High quality inspection


Good quality and more economical price

“Our confidence comes from the customer repurchase rate”                                     Huajian CEO of

Let us to be long-term friends does not want a short-term ultra-high gross profit margin,we are willing to promote a good business cycle at a low price. We offer good quality products that meets the standard, and are willing to minimize our profits to form a long-term relationship with our customers

Factories from a same city

All the factories are located in Shenzhen,a single quality inspection center is good enough to complete all the tests.
It lowers the quality inspection management risk,and allow us to set up cross-group detection. While controlling the quality, we can form a good and stable long-term relationship with the factories and to reduce the procurement costs

Relativly low labor cost

The labor costs in China is much lower than the developed countries in Europe and America. Therefore it reduces our production cost and your purchase price *Even though our employee income is lower than the average level of European and American counties, it is still higher than the local average. Our employess feel at ease and satisfied. *We also provide various types of insurance for our employees

How to make a order


 Leave your email

Please leave your email address, and our engineers will contact you immediately to communicate your production needs.


Send drawings or photos of your parts

You can send the production drawings and other requirements to our engineers by email. Our engineers will analyze the requirements and communicate with you in details as soon as possible.


Quotation & production

Our engineer will analyze according to the drawings and other information sent by you, coordinate with the supplier, and give you a reasonable quotation. If you accept the quotation, we will arrange the production immediatly.



After the production is completed, we will strictly carry out the quality inspection. After the products pass the quality inspection, we will arrange the delivery as soon as possible.

Still concerning?


All uploads are save and confidential, nothing will be leaked


The working time of our employees is reasonable and in line with with national legal standards

Public welfare

We participates in various public welfare activities with our employees


All waste generated during processing is recycled and we uses renewable materials as our packaging

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