Quality means everything to us

100% full inspection shipment

ISO9001 certification

We promise: if there is any quality problem due to processing, we will be

responsible for free repair or rework, and bear the cost of return shipping

All uploads are secure and confidential.

Strict supplier screening system

One out of ten supplier selection requirements
Production qualification requirements for suppliers
Establish a supervision system for us to supervise the production process to ensure your product quality.
Establish a strict elimination mechanism

Whole process quality assurance


Strict management of the supply chain

Both self-operated and cooperative suppliers must comply with the quality management system; strict selection of suppliers: only 1 out of 10 applications can be selected; upstream and downstream coverage: strict control of material and surface treatment suppliers.

Professional engineer review process

Before processing, the professional process engineer is responsible for reviewing the drawings, discovering the inappropriateness of the drawings and the areas that can be optimized in the process and to communicate with the customer in time to eliminate the problems before processing.

Strict control of the production process

Products will be processed strictly in accordance with the established technological process; mass production can be carried out after passing the first FAI inspection report; there is inspection during the production process to ensure that each process is correct.

100% full inspection shipment

There is a professional quality inspection team, which strictly implements 3 cross-tests to ensure the quality of the parts; For processed parts, 100% inspection is carried out before delivery. We will make sure your requirements are met.

Powerful quality testing factory Equipped with various first-class testing equipment to ensure testing quality

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