2023 Best CNC Machining Company From China: Machined Parts Guide for Beginners

Machined Parts Guide for Beginners

It won’t be wrong if we say that 2023 is the year of CNC machining companies because, according to the Global NewsWire the CNC machining industry is expected to hit $150 billion by 2030. As the technology is continuously improving, precision CNC machining will become:

  • Increasingly faster
  • More accurate
  • More efficient

 Further progress in automation, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping will allow CNC machining to produce even more unique and precise custom parts. Subsequently, the cost of CNC machining in 2023 will continue to decline because industries around the globe will move to bulk orders, ultimately reducing CNC machining parts prices significantly.

What is CNC machine manufacturing? 

CNC machining is a manufacturing process that uses preprogrammed software to execute instructions for making precision parts. Subsequently, this machining method offers high accuracy, speed, and performance. With each passing year, CNC machined parts are quite popular globally in a wider range of industries which include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Consumer products

The reason behind the popularity of CNC machining methods is its capability to manufacture complex parts with high precision. 

The Benefits of Machine tools Workforce in 2023

The demand for professional machining tool workforce in 2023 will remain high. These workers include: 

  • Machinists
  • Tool and die, manufacturers
  • Machine set-up operators
  • Maintenance technicians

Generally, machine tool manufacturers, machine shops, and other industrial and manufacturing companies hire CNC machining professionals who have in-depth experience in operating the latest CNC machines. 

What advantages do professional CNC machining tools bring?

Better Productivity: By 2023, CNC machining companies will be able to robust their machining parts productivity to a higher level. 

Extremely Cost-effective: Since the latest machining tools are highly accurate and fast, they will eliminate the extra labor cost, ultimately paving the way to cheaper production. 

Improvement in Quality Parts Production: Modern CNC machining tools will assist companies to refine their products, as they will be able to make parts that have more precise measurements and higher tolerances. Ultimately, it will move towards more reliable and consistent products.

Extreme Flexibility in Customizing Parts: CNC machining companies will modify their production methods according to customers’ tailored needs with the latest machining tools. Not only will it help them manufacture more accurate parts, but it will also win customers’ trust.

Why is CNC machining important in modern tools?

cnc machined part

The CNC machining process is decisive in producing customized CNC machined parts using modern tools. It directs new ways of producing unique and custom parts for several industries. Therefore, only custom CNC machining companies in 2023 will be capable of developing contemporary parts using complex geometries. 

At Want.net, the customer can get instant one-stop CNC machining service. The major CNC capabilities of our company include the following:

1. CNC Milling

2. CNC Turning

3. Faster Turnaround 

4. Payment After Delivery 

CNC machining is highly effective in manufacturing complex parts in high and low volumes. Interestingly, if a company orders machining parts in bulk, it can enjoy lower prices. 

What is the difference between conventional and CNC machining tools?

A professional machinist plays a crucial role in conventional machining tools. On the other hand, CNC machining tools are highly accurate and deliver excellent work due to their automation capabilities. 

Furthermore, it is extremely easy for CNC machining companies to manufacture complex shapes with better surface finishes options. 

What are the different types of CNC machines?

1. Lathe: 

It is a computer-controlled machine that helps manufacture the desired shape. It comes with:

  • Spindle
  • Cutting tool
  • Computer-controlled program

These tools assist in cutting and shaping the Metal into the desired shape. The CNC lathe is highly efficient in manufacturing complex machining parts with a higher production rate and excellent accuracy.

2. Milling Machine: 

It is a machine tool used to process solid materials. These machines are classified into two basic forms:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical. It is all about the orientation of the main spindle

Both types range comes in small, bench-mounted models to room-sized machines.

3. Router: 

It is a computer-controlled cutting machine that is extremely helpful in cutting various hard materials, such as:

  • Wood
  • Composites
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Plastics and foams.

 CNC routers are considered multitasks in CNC machining centers as they can do several functions.

4. Plasma Cutter: 

It is an important CNC machining tool that consumes a high-velocity stream of ionized gas to cut electrically conductive materials, such as:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper and other metals

Its working principle is simple: it provides extreme heat to melt the desired material, and later we can clean the surface to get the job done. The most common applications of plasma cutters are fabrication, automotive, and industrial applications.

5. Laser Cutter: 

A laser cutter is a CNC machining tool that delivers excellent results in engraving materials. A powerful laser is used to heat particular material areas to create complex designs.

6. EDM Machine: 

EDM evolves a unique machining process that uses a controlled electrical spark to erode the Metal. It performs best in producing complex shapes or removing Metal from a workpiece. 

7. CNC Grinder: 

CNC grinders are important parts of modern CNC machines used in machining centers for grinding various metals. Their capabilities include cutting and shaping Metal, plastic, and other materials under given specifications.

8. Water Jet Cutter: 

It is a tool best for cutting different materials. The machining manufacturers use this tool to cut materials, such as:

  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Composites

What are the major 6 elements of CNC machining?

1. Computer Numerical Control Machine: One of the most basic tools used in CNC machining for parts products in minimum time. A user can program it to manufacture complex customized machined parts.

2. CAD/CAM Software: This software is specifically designed to create the design and program the CNC machine.

3. Cutting Tools: These tools are best for cutting different materials. These tools include a drill bit, end mill, router bit, or other tools.

4. Workpiece: It is the basic material that a machining center uses to manufacture any CNC part. It can be Metal, Plastic, Wood, or other material.

5. Fixture: This is the best device to secure the workpiece and hold it during the CNC machining process.

6. CNC Programming: This programming uses cad/cam software to execute specific instructions to tell the CNC machine of a particular job. 

What is CNC machining of aluminum parts?

Aluminum is one of the best metals used in the CNC machining process. It is extremely popular in the machining industry due to the following factors:

  • Greater Machinability 
  • Greater Strength as Compared to Weight ratio
  • Reduce Labor and CNC Machining Costs
  • Faster Turnaround 

The aluminum CNC machining process includes cutting tools, such as drill bits, to remove material from the aluminum to manufacture a complex design. Usually, this process works on complete automation, which allows quicker production of machined parts following extreme accuracy. 

6 Benefits of CNC Machining of Aluminum Parts

1. Higher Accurate CNC Machining: CNC machining can manufacture precision machining parts with seamless accuracy. It is due to the preprogrammed commands which CNC uses during machining.

2. Quick Turnaround: Modern CNC machining performs swiftly as compared to manual machining because, in manual machining, there are higher chances of inaccuracies.

3. Low Manufacturing Costs: Cost-effective CNC machining can manufacture complex parts using complex geometries, producing parts at lower prices.

4. Faster Productivity: Modern CNC machining companies can accelerate their production and manufacture machined parts at higher volumes in a minimum time. 

5. Minimal Material Waste: CNC machines can manufacture parts with tight tolerances, leading to lower material waste.

6. Impeccable Parts Quality: CNC machining companies can produce high-quality machined parts compared to traditional tooling methods. Not only it enhances accuracy, but it also improves the quality of the part.

How does a CNC machine work?

The working principle of a CNC machine is quite simple. It works according to the programmed software: cad/cam. The CNC machine operator can input any simple or complex design according to the customer demand and execute the command. Following the instructions, a CNC machine can produce the particular design on given materials for CNC custom parts

What is CNC machine programming?

CNC machine programming is the process in which a machine executes commands following G-code. Hence, it directs the machine to develop any shape or design in a specific way the customer requires. Not only this code sets the direction of the CNC machine, but it also tells where to stop and change tooling. 

What are the 5 major applications of CNC machining?

custom parts

1. Automotive CNC Parts Machining: Automotive CNC machining is best for manufacturing parts for several machined parts of automobiles, such as:

  • Engine blocks
  • Transmissions
  • Driveshafts
  • Other components.

2. Aerospace CNC Parts Machining: CNC machining is decisive in producing precision parts for aerospace vehicles.

3. Medical CNC Parts Machining: CNC machining for medical purposes brings excellent results in manufacturing complex medical devices. 

4. Die and Mold CNC Machined Parts: You can easily produce dies and mold machined parts for mass production.

5. Industrial CNC Machined Parts: Industrial CNC machining accurately produces small and high-scale parts for different industries.

Why should you choose China for CNC machining?

Since China has become the hub of manufacturing plants, whether it is light machinery or heavy machine production, you will find Chinese CNC machining companies on the top. There are several reasons, and some have been mentioned below:

  • Low-Price CNC Machining Services
  • Professional & Seasoned CNC Centers 
  • Higher Accuracy for Manufacturing Complex Parts 
  • Large Scale Extreme Skilled Workforce 

How to find a reliable CNC machining company in 2023?

1. Ask your friends in the manufacturing industry

2. Take a Closer Look at the Company’s Reputation 

3: Read Customer Reviews

4: Never forget to consider CNC machining company expertise and experience in the relevant field

5: Check The Necessary Certifications 

6: Request for Instant Quote for CNC Machining

7: Order A Sample 

Why should you consider Want.net as your future CNC Partner?

  • Easy and Quickest Order Process
  • Tripple Testing of Machined Parts Before Shipping which ensures high accuracy 
  • Payment after the delivery 

If you are looking for the best 2023 CNC machining company in China, order your next project with us. We have the latest CNC tools and equipment and never compromise on the quality of custom CNC parts

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