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Reliable Machined Parts for Consumer Products

From electronic devices to personal wellness products, our CNC machining expertise allows us to produce precise and customized parts that fit seamlessly into your products. We also cater to the needs of the athletics and sporting equipment industry, where precision and durability are paramount. If you’re in the cookware industry, we can help you create components that enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, our CNC machining services extend to wearable devices, accessory components, virtual reality products, home furnishings, and smart home products, ensuring we meet the demands of various consumer sectors.

Our CNC Machining Services for the Consumer Products

We pride ourselves on our ability to create intricate and high-quality components for a wide range of consumer applications.

Our CNC machining services enable the production of high-quality components for items like sports equipment, fitness machines, or specialized gear, ensuring that athletes and sports enthusiasts can perform at their best.

We can create precise and customized components for cookware, such as handles, knobs, or intricate cooking surfaces, to enhance the cooking experience and elevate the visual appeal of your products.

As wearable technology continues to gain popularity, our CNC machining services offer the ability to create intricate and customized components for wearable devices. Whether it’s smartwatches, fitness trackers, or wearable medical devices, our precision manufacturing ensures that your wearable products are not only functional but also visually appealing.

From small decorative elements to functional accessories, our CNC machining services can produce a wide range of customized components. Whether you need intricate jewelry pieces, specialized connectors, or decorative accents, our precision manufacturing capabilities can bring your accessory components to life.

VR products require precise and intricate components to deliver immersive experiences. With our CNC machining services, we can manufacture high-quality parts for VR headsets, controllers, or other accessories, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

CNC machining can be applied to home furnishings, enabling the creation of custom components such as decorative knobs, handles, or unique furniture elements. Our precision manufacturing ensures that your home furnishings stand out with exceptional quality and design.

We can help create customized components for devices like smart locks, lighting systems, or home automation controllers. With our precision manufacturing capabilities, we can deliver high-quality parts that integrate seamlessly into smart home systems.

Why Choose Want.Net

Trust us as your CNC machining partner for all your custom parts manufacturing needs.

Precise & complex

With the latest CNC machines, we can produce machined parts with highly complex geometries with consistent precision.

Infinite Capability

A large selection of materials and surface finishes in the field of plastics and metals is available for CNC milling.

Pay After Delivery

Pay After Delivery is now available for our CNC milling service now. Contact our support team to know more.

Fast Turnaround

Due to the standardized and high degree of the automation process, we can minimize the lead time of your prototypes or parts.

What Our Clients Say

Discover the experiences of our valued clients who trust Want.Net for their CNC machining needs.

Our small R&D group requires high precision CNC machined parts within short periods. consistently delivers these parts at great values and quick turnarounds. The reliability of this company places them above our other part suppliers.
Joseph Palmer
Project Manager
Your work is always high quality, and we are grateful for your precision in machining components. The help in checking our designs and material selection has also saved our company from making expensive errors. We look forward to doing future projects with you guys
Robert Cole
Product Designer

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