The main factors of workpiece deformation in CNC machining


With the rapid development of science and technology, many fields have already reached a near-saturated state. The market competition in the field of CNC machining is becoming more and more fierce, especially in the processing of high-precision parts. 

 How to improve the processing technology of high-precision parts, improve the quality of product workpieces and high processing efficiency are the concerns of many CNC machining companies.

1. The internal force causes the machining precision of high-precision parts to change. Skilled workers all know that during processing, the parts are clamped by the three-jaw of the CNC lathe to ensure that the energy that the parts are subjected to is relatively stable under the condition of processing. When the force becomes smaller, deformation occurs.

2. The heat treatment process is very easy to cause deformation. When processing some thin and small parts, it is generally necessary to perform heat treatment on it first. At this time, if the professional skills of professional technicians are not solid, the structural characteristics of such parts cannot be well grasped, and it is very easy to promote A condition in which a part is bent.

3. The parts are ductile and deformed due to external force. When processing parts, CNC lathes and fixtures are often used. When the two are not level, the force will be uneven when the parts are fixed, and the one with the smaller force will cause deformation.


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