Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Surface Treatment

Aluminum Alloy die-casting has incomparable advantages over another casting. Such as perfect, light quality, corrosion resistance, etc, thus making it popular with the public, especially in the automotive lightweight, Aluminum alloy dies casting has been widely used in the automotive industry. Since they will more perfect, more popular with consumers after surface treatment.

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We will mainly introduce several surface treatment of Aluminum alloy die casting:

  1.  Anodizing:

Aluminum alloy surface oxidation, suitable for conductive oxidation, aluminum, or similar aluminum parts, which is also called as anodize oxidation.

At present, aluminum alloy anodizing color has natural and sky blue. Anodizing is carried out under high pressure, which is an electrochemical reaction process; conductive oxidation does not need electricity, only put it in the potion, it is a pure chemical reaction. Anodizing will take a long time, however, conductive oxidation takes only a few seconds.

  1. Powder coating for Die casting surface treatment

Powder coating is used to spray powder coating onto the surface of the parts. And under the action of static electricity, the powder will be absorbed on the surface of the parts to form a powder coating.

The spraying effect of powder coating is better than spray painting in mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and aging. The cost is also cheaper than powder painting. And the powder coating is divided into outdoor powder and indoor powder.

  1. Plating

Plating is the process of the metal or alloy deposited on the surface of the parts by electrolysis to form a uniform, dense, and cohesive metal layer.

  1. Sanding blasting for Die casting surface treatment

In general, we will spray a fine layer of sand on the surface of the parts to enhance the friction coefficient of the contact surface, and it also can enhance the reliability of the connection.


  1. Stoving varnish

The real baking process is aluminum alloy phosphating, spraying, then spraying, baking. By this, the coating not only can corrosion resistance and bright, wear-resistant, not easy to fall off.

Before the surface treatment: oil, water wash. Rust, water rush, table adjustment, water washing, phosphating, washing, and drying.

The purpose is to get a better coating, due to the above stamping parts in the manufacturing, machining and handing, preservation grease, the oxide scale, dirt, rust, and corrosion on the surface, so we need to move them in time. If not, it will directly affect the performance of the coating appearance, so the pretreatment occupies a very important position in the coating process.

  1. Spray oil for Die casting surface treatment

It is the name of surface treatment for industrial products. As usual, spray oil processing is used in plastic spray oil and silk printing. Of course, EVA, rubber and other shoe material change color, silkscreen. We have spray lines, screen printing lines, printing machine, and other equipment, so we can meet your requirements for aluminum alloy die casting surface treatment.

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