How To Choose The Right CNC Machining Manufacturer in China

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China is a global leader in manufacturing and a major player in CNC machining services. China is home to many CNC machining manufacturers and rapid prototyping suppliers. This article will help you understand the reasons why you should outsource CNC machining parts to China and what factors to consider when choosing China’s CNC precision-machining companies.

Why You Should Outsource CNC Machining

It is worth looking at the reasons a business might want to outsource its job to external CNC machine manufacturers.

Machine cost is the main reason companies look for external suppliers. To keep everything in-house, you must purchase high-end CNC machines, post-processing equipment, and other industrial equipment. The cost, you can imagine, can be extremely expensive, especially for small businesses. Outsourcing your machined parts to other suppliers will save you money and keep the financial status of your company healthy.

Businesses that partner with machining manufacturers not only save a lot of money on the upfront investment but also reduce the daily maintenance cost for labour, training, and machine fixing. CNC machining is a complex technology and requires special training before your employee can operate the machine properly. Companies that use the technology internally must have well-trained workers. Companies can reap the benefits of CNC machining by outsourcing the work to a professional supplier.

But Why China?

Most people understand how hard it could be to run their own CNC machining workshop. But probably they can’t understand why they should outsource their job to oversea. And even to China? Well, working with a Chinese CNC machining manufacturer will simply reinforce and enhance the benefits we mention above.

China is a key player in the global CNC machining market. Here you can find endless suppliers for your custom machined parts. As you know, the labour cost in China is low, but the skill level of the workers is very high. So you can pay a lower price for the same, or even better quality. In fact, the big brands have been working with Chinese machining manufacturers for more than a decade. So you don’t need to worry about the quality.

However, finding a reliable supplier is not as easy as it might think, especially when you don’t know the country and language. But you can still get an advantage by working with an online manufacturing platform. 

Want.Net is an online on-demand manufacturing specialist. We partner with hundreds of machining manufacturers in China to offer the most competitive prices for our global customers. We centralize our partners’ capacity, stock the materials in large quantities, and optimize the entire process from ordering to production. All of these have been helping us lower the cost and speed up the production process. 

We have built our own inspection centre here in China. All of your custom parts or prototypes will be inspected by our experts to make sure they are 100% met with your request.

What You Should Consider When Choosing The Chinese CNC Machining Supplier

Below are some important factors that will help you and your company find the right CNC partner in China.

1. Certificates

One of the most important aspects of outsourcing for rapid prototyping or production is to verify the certifications of your manufacturing partner to ensure they are compatible with the product you want to produce. For example, if a customer orders a part for the medical sector, the CNC machine shop must have the proper certifications and strict quality control processes for the healthcare industry.

2. Quality control

Similar to the previous point, it is important that you know what quality control equipment and processes your partner offer. This includes raw material inspection, quality checks in-process, and finished part inspection. CNC machining companies that offer a complete and advanced quality control process will ensure your products and prototypes are of the highest standards.

3. Communication

Communication has been a major problem for western companies who have worked with China-based manufacturing and rapid prototyping companies. Although the internet makes it much easier for international customers and suppliers to communicate with Chinese manufacturers, it’s still vital to build a strong relationship with them before entering into a partnership.

4. Production capabilities

Although this may seem obvious, it is worth noting. You should ensure that the Chinese manufacturer you choose has the appropriate equipment and production capabilities. This includes CNC milling and turning machines, multiaxis machining systems, and many others. You should also ensure that the company can work with the material you need, no matter metal or plastic.

5. Place a trial order

Before your mass production order, you should place a trial order to test the manufacturer’s ability. This is important to ensure that the manufacturer is capable of producing the part to their specifications and within a reasonable time frame. Want.Net guarantees that prototypes will be machined and delivered in three days. This allows clients to quickly make a decision about whether or not they want to proceed with their order.

The Bottom Line

You should now have an understanding of why you should use a CNC machining company in China for custom production or rapid prototyping. You should also know what to consider when selecting a Chinese factory.

Want.Net is the most popular platform for rapid prototyping, and custom manufacturing, and offers free quotes, analysis for design, and engineering recommendations. Simply upload your files and describe your requirements, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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