Which Is the Most Expensive CNC Machine?

Which Is the Most Expensive CNC Machine of 2023?

Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of CNC machines on the market, and their machining costs range based on a number of factors. In order to help machinists and hobbyists who want to buy CNC machines that are affordable for a range of operations.

Since 2021, the most expensive CNC machines will be the 5-axis and 6-axis robotic CNCs, which are used to manufacture high-end military equipment and cost millions of dollars. On the other hand, entry-level hobbyists can use comparatively cheap CNC machines that start at about $150.

Which Was the Most Expensive CNC Machine?

The Hermle C62U MT Dynamic, which cost over $2 million, was the most expensive CNC machine of 2021. The following are some facts regarding this device:

  • The Hermle C62U MT Dynamic was a 5-axis CNC machine developed for the high-speed milling of intricate parts.
  • It could handle workpieces up to 1500kg in weight, 700mm in diameter, and 600mm in height.
  • It had a number of revolutionary capabilities, such as an active NC swivel rotary table, a direct measurement framework, and a spindle that could operate at up to 18,000 rpm.
  • The machine was designed using high-quality materials and innovative production procedures to achieve high levels of precision, rigidity, and durability.

The Hermle C62U MT Dynamic is commonly utilized in the medical, automotive, and aerospace sectors.

How Much Does CNC Machining Cost?

This table may be useful as a general guide for CNC machining costs.

CNC Machine CategoryCNC Machine Cost (US Dollars)
Entry Level Desktop CNC Routers like the 3018s $150 – $500
Hobby CNC Router Machine$1,000 – $3,000
Small CNC Lathe Machines like Sherline and TaigLess than $5,000
Entry-Level 2-axis Lathe Machines$15,000 – $50,000
Professional CNC Machine$50,000 – $100,000
Entry-Level 3-axis Mill (VMC)$50,000 – $100,000
Production CNC Lathe Machines like Doosan and Okuma$50,000 – $300,000
Production 3-axis CNC Milling Machines$100,000 – $500,000
Production 5-axis CNC Milling MachinesOver $500,000

Factors that impact a CNC machine’s cost

Machine Size

This is the maximum possible distance along each axis (X, Y, and Z) for the machine’s cutting end. In general, the milling costs increase with the range of motion.

Factors that impact a CNC machine's cost


The success of the production is directly impacted by the cutting speed.

The CNC’s rapid motion speed, or how quickly it moves after cutting, affects its value. The fastest CNCs have quick motion speeds of 1000 inches per minute.

Accuracy and Tolerance

Your CNC machine cost will be considerably higher if you require a +/- 0.0002 mm tolerance for each cut. Perfection and accuracy are obviously expensive. Repetition costs money.

No. of Axes-

The price increases in direct proportion to the number of axes. Due to the additional level of freedom, 6-axis CNC machines can move far more quickly than 5-axis machines. Three axes are common for Hobby CNC machines.


In terms of parameters like torque and spindle RPM, a CNC machine’s raw power is measured.

The diameter of the servo motors determines the rating for professional-grade CNC machines.

The stepper motor torque of a hobbyist CNC like the Sainsmart Genmitsu CNC is 0.18 ft-lb, and the torque of an advanced 6-axis CNC like the Zimmerman FZ100 can reach 68 ft-lb. That is more than 400 times. This indicates that the Genmitsu only costs $300, while the Zimmerman costs millions of dollars.

We’ll take a brief look at the uses of entry-level desktop CNC routers, hobby CNC router machines, small CNC lathe machines, and entry-level 2-axis lathe machines to help people looking for affordable small hobbyist CNC machines.

Entry Level Desktop CNC Routers

The Generic desktop 3018 CNC is the most common type in this category.

These devices are desktop-sized, measuring roughly 30 inches by 18 inches.

Entry Level Desktop CNC Routers

They can work on wood, plastic, acrylic, jewelry, PCBs, and other materials. They are primarily used for engraving work. Some can work on aluminum since they have sturdy enough motors and good rails.

Some have laser engraving modules built in, while others often have the option but call for the user to purchase and connect the laser engraver separately.

The CNC 3018 Pro Max 3 Axis Desktop and the Sainsmart Genmitsu PROVer are two examples of desktop CNC routers.

Hobby CNC Router Machine

These CNC machines were created in response to the growth in hobbyist demand for small, cheap CNC machines.

They can work on PCBs, plastic, wood, and aluminum and are typically used for cutting and engraving.

The Shapeoko CNC Router and the X-Carve CNC are two examples of CNC machines that qualify for this category.

Small CNC Lathe Machines

These are more complex and can be used for machining in addition to engraving, and they can easily handle titanium and steel.

Their output pace, however, remains insufficient for high-volume industrial tasks.

The Shopbot PRS Alpha CNC and the Tormachs CNC machines are two examples of CNC machines that fall under this category.

Entry-Level 2-axis Lathe Machines

Small shops usually use these CNC machines.

The Tormach 8L and 15L Slant Pro lathe machines are two examples of Entry-Level 2-axis lathe machines.

They can often handle the majority of the materials and are used for small production volumes.

Most Expensive CNC Machines of 2023?

The Mazak Integrex i-400AM, which may cost over $2 million, is one example of an expensive CNC machine. They have the ability to revolve and grind continuously. The DMG MORI DMU 340 Gantry, has a 5-axis capability and a price tag of almost $3 million. It has an extensive work environment. The Okuma MU-10000H has a fast spindle and high thermal resistance for accurate milling and can cost over $4 million.


This article will help you select a good budget CNC machine based on milling costs.

if you require a machine for a low production volume, you can get an excellent CNC machine, particularly for engraving, for less than $10,000.

While it’s true that the most advanced CNC machines available on the market today can be incredibly expensive, it’s important to remember that there are alternative options that may better suit your needs and budget. One such option is to consider using an online CNC machining service. These services allow you to upload your designs and have them manufactured using professional-grade CNC machines, without the need for a significant investment in equipment of your own. This can be an excellent way to gain access to the latest CNC technology without incurring the high costs associated with purchasing and maintaining your own machines. Additionally, online CNC machining services can often provide quick turnaround times and high levels of precision, making them a viable option for a wide range of manufacturing needs.

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