Requirements for CNC Machining Parts

CNC Machining

Preparation Work

Complete the necessary preparation before machining, including process analysis, process route design, tool and fixture selection, and program compilation.

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Operating Steps and Contents

Start the Machine: Manually return each coordinate axis to the machine origin.

Tool Preparation:

  • Select one Φ20 end mill, one Φ5 center drill, and one Φ8 twist drill according to processing requirements.
  • Use a spring collet holder to clamp the Φ20 end mill and set the tool number to T01.
  • Use a drill chuck holder to clamp the Φ5 center drill and Φ8 twist drill, setting the tool numbers to T02 and T03, respectively.
  • Attach the edge finder to the spring collet holder and set the tool number to T04.

Load Tools into the Tool Magazine Manually:

  • Input “T01 M06” and execute.
  • Manually mount the T01 tool on the spindle.
  • Follow these steps to load T02, T03, and T04 into the tool magazine.

Clean the Worktable:

  • Install fixtures and workpieces. Clean the vise and mount it on the clean worktable.
  • Align and level the vise using a dial gauge, then secure the workpiece in the vise.
  1. Tool Setting and Input Workpiece Coordinate System Parameters:
  • Use the edge finder to set the tools and determine the X and Y offset values, inputting them into the workpiece coordinate system G54. Set the Z offset value in G54 to 0.
  • Place the Z-axis setter on the top surface of the workpiece, load tool 1 from the tool magazine, and determine the Z offset value for the workpiece coordinate system. Input the Z offset value into the corresponding length compensation code in the machine tool.
  • Follow the same steps to input the Z offset values for tools 2 and 3 into the corresponding length compensation codes in the machine tool.

Input Processing Program:

  • Transfer the processing program generated by the computer to the CNC system memory via data cable.

Debug the Processing Program:

  • Debug by moving the workpiece coordinate system along the +Z direction to raise the tool.
  • Debug the main program to check if the three tools complete the tool change actions according to the process design.
  • Debug the three subprograms corresponding to the three tools separately to check if the tool actions and machining paths are correct.

Automatic Machining:

  • Confirm the program is correct, restore the Z value of the workpiece coordinate system to its original value, set the rapid traverse rate switch and cutting feed rate switch to low gear, press the CNC start button to run the program, and begin machining. Observe the tool path and remaining travel distance during machining.

Remove and Inspect the Workpiece:

  • Use a vernier caliper for dimensional inspection, and perform quality analysis after inspection.

Clean the Machining Area

Shut Down the Machine

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