3 Axis Vs 5 Axis CNC Machining: Custom Precision Parts Cost

3 axis vs 5 axis cnc machining

In modern custom CNC machining services, the need for high precision customized machining parts is rising. No doubt, COVID-19 has also put an impact on the cost of parts ranging from 1 unit to 1000 units. For instance, the average cost of 3 axis machining is $40 approximately and for multi axis machining it goes to $100 per hour.

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Note: At Want.net customers can send the online quotation for CNC machined custom parts. The sales team provides an excellent quote for precision parts if you order online.

3 Axis Vs 5 Axis Machining: Which is better?

The major reasons behind custom turning parts in machining centers are:

3 Axis CNC Machining5-Axis CNC Machining
3 Axis (X, Y, Z) is good to machine small parts5 Axis Machines are best for complex shapes
Higher Precession of Custom Machined PartsMultiple Control of Axis of custom machined parts
Execute different shapes fastFaster Turnaround due to more axis
Reduces manual labor in machining job5 Axis Machines can manufacture versatile parts
Reduced Cost of CNC machining partsAutomation allows maximum production
High Customization to manufacture custom partsManufacturing precision parts is quite easy

 If you need to manufacture low-cost large batch customized parts online, 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machines can deliver optimum results. CNC machines are programmed in a certain way to perform a specific task in the production of custom metal parts.

cnc machined custom parts

High Precision CNC Machining Applications

High precision CNC machining is used in production when the turned parts must have:

  1. higher precision
  2. have precisely calibrated dimensions
  3. Do not change their properties during processing

 High precision CNC machining method is popular in the field of:

  • Complex technologies
  •  Military Equipment
  • Manufacturing custom machined parts for machines

In addition, high-precision machining is required when working with rare metals and their alloys, which, after processing, must retain their properties throughout the entire expected service life.

Recently, metal processing with high precision has become more and more in demand, as the number of orders for such parts has increased, as well as an increase in their specific weight in the entire volume of metal processing.

Why precision CNC machining is important for complex custom parts?

High-precision metal processing delivers seamless tool production in manufacturing templates, molds, and other similar products.

In the process of working with metal, 5-axis milling machines are used. This equipment increases the degree of freedom, minimizes the error of the finished product to 10 microns, and the processing process itself takes much less time. 

If three-coordinate calls are used in the production process, then the metal processing operation is performed in several stages. The disc itself must be manually turned over, or use different settings for processing.

Precision CNC Machining for the Aerospace, oil, and gas industry

It is impossible to do without turning high-precision parts in the aerospace industry, the oil and gas complex, since there every detail is part of a complex-composite mechanism.

Process of CNC Machined Parts & Cost

Initially, the customer provides the design of a custom part, based on which the required accuracy of the part is determined. The creation of a technological process for each of the stages of metal processing is initiated, and the cutting modes, the correct position of the workpiece, as well as the types of various settings are determined.

The spatial axes of rotation are ideally located, which helps to obtain the exact geometric shape of the product on CNC machines.

Obtaining such accuracy is determined by the use of components and assemblies with minimal error parameters.

In the process of working with metal, heat is actively generated, which can damage the workpiece and custom CNC machined parts, so CNC machines are equipped with a heat removal function.

Principles of Operation of CNC Machines

In modern CNC machines, a measuring, computing, and executive system is incorporated, and each of them allows certain errors.

However, we have state of the art machining center where the error is minimal in all these systems; however, the price of these machines is quite high.

What technology do high-precision CNC machines use?

With the correct setting, the high precision machine can machine various surface finishes in one setting.

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These machines use 3 or 5 axis to manufacture custom parts.

Due to a large number of axis, the workpieces are rotated along one axis, and the tool moves relative to the part itself.

Milling machines can be upgraded by installing a rotary mechanism on the desktop. So you can machine the part in five different coordinates.

cnc machined parts cost

The Process of Monitoring the Result of High-Precision Metal Parts Processing

When carrying out such measurements, it is important to control the size of the workpieces. Each enterprise creates its own Quality Control Department, whose employees monitor the quality of the ongoing metalwork process on all stages.

 They check the quality of the metal parts and set the intermediate dimensions of the part after each stage.

After that, the control department issues a verdict on how well the part is processed.

What are the advantages of CNC machines?

The numerical programmer is a revolutionary invention in the field of metalworking. At present, the stage of transition to CNC machines for metal processing is being actively carried out. But what is this innovation? What are the benefits?

There are two groups of automated CNC machining customized parts:

  • Turning
  • Milling

What are the advantages of such machines?

CNC machines reduce the human factor to almost zero. The machine is incapable of distraction, it has no thoughts, and it is precise. As a result, the classical method of metalworking is significantly inferior to automated equipment.

Also, the advantages of this device include the following characteristics:

  1. Machining is performed in two planes simultaneously through the use of two processing heads
  2. It does not require multiple rearrangements of the workpiece on which the part is made
  3. The tool is replaced easily and quickly
  4. Electronic adjustment of the cooling system
  5. High level performance
  6. It is possible to manufacture complex products in a piece
  7. Accuracy and purity of production up to 7 quality
  8. Processing of a curved surface.

Why order low cost CNC machined custom parts from Want.net?

Extensive experience in this field

During our work, we have completed more than a thousand orders of varying complexity and type; turning, custom CNC milling, CNC machining – we will do it all.

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Flexibility with us

We try to do everything to make cooperation with us comfortable.


The whole process is supervised by experienced professionals. Each finished product is checked for quality. The team consists of only professionals in their field.

Types of Custom Machining Parts

Our company provides a wide range of services, which include:

  • Custom CNC Machining
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Impeccable Surface Finishes

High-precision CNC machining allows you to comply with the required processing conditions, and perform work in a short time.

The Role of CNC Machines in Modern Engineering

The work of the mechanical engineering industry today cannot be imagined without machine tools with numerical control. 

Automated technological processes and individual operations performed on CNC machines provide a reduction in the cost of production of custom metal parts. This, in turn, enables consumers to purchase products from machine-building plants at lower prices.

The machining process of custom parts of our company is carried out by optimizing the production structure, technical re-equipment, and the introduction of modern CNC systems. Thanks to this, we can offer our customers low price custom-machined parts at the best prices.

Affordable Machining Services in China

Our company uses high end manufacturing processes to meet the requirement of custom drawing with excellent surface finish. The cost of customized parts can be asked online by sending us a quotation. In this way, customers can also order parts online.

In addition to basic machining operations on turning or milling machines, we also offer a range of engineering services, such as:

  • Development of design and technological documentation;
  • Optimization of products for mass production;
  • Design of tooling for assembly operations;
  • Economic calculations of the full production cycle of products.

This is possible due to the presence of the staff of qualified engineering and technical workers, a modern machine park, and the well-coordinated work of all departments and services.

CNC machined parts cost for 2023

What is the Cost of ready-made drawings and custom parts?

The cost of custom metal parts depends on 3 major parameters:

  1. The format of the desired processing
  2. Complexity
  3. Total volume.

We also have a discount system for custom CNC machined parts online that allows you to order metal processing on CNC machines at an affordable price, especially for serial orders.

For orientation, you can consider the base prices. But do not forget that depending on the type of work, they may change. Please send us your drawings to check the price of metal parts online in China.

Our company performs all types of metalworking in the shortest possible time. We earn excellent distinction by providing high quality and affordable prices.

Order Services for Machining Parts on CNC Machines

Turning to our company, we guarantee faster turnaround for customized parts. Not only do we have an excellent online quotation system for machining parts but also execute order swiftly.

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